Leading Chinese Smart Hardware Producer Goertek to Showcase its Smart Hardware Solutions at CES 2017
The smart hardware planned for display is expected to raise the visibility of China-made smart products to global audiences

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Goertek, a leading manufacturer of smart hardware in China, has brought a full line of intelligent product solutions to demonstrate at CES, the world's largest international consumer electronics show, which opens today in Las Vegas. More than 3,800 exhibitors from around the world will participate in this consumer electronics event, debuting more than 20,000 new consumer electronic products. Attendees  include Huawei, Xiaomi, and more than 1,000 Chinese brands exhibitors representing various product categories who will showcase their impact with "Global Leaders".

Leader in Virtual Reality Hardware

Goertek, a leading VR hardware manufacturer accounting for 70% of China's shipments of medium- and high-end VR headsets in 2016, plans to showcase a number of VR solutions, including mobile device- and PC-based VR headsets, all-in-one VR headsets and smart VR accessories. The Cool1, an all-in-one VR headset; and Goertek's PC-based VR headset Pro1 are two highlights among the company's exhibit portfolio. The Cool1,all-in-one VR headset equipped with the following features: eye tracking, low-latency <18ms to prevent dizziness, and leap motion gesture control. The PC-based VR HMD Pro1 is a combination of indoor positioning solutions with glove style interaction, with both HMD and glove designed and manufactured by Goertek. Goertek also plans to exhibit its Ambarella A12 chipset-based propriety panoramic camera, which supports real-time splicing of images and enables real-time viewing on terminal devices, including cellphones, computers and VR headsets.

Integration of Cutting-edge Acoustic Technology in Headset Products

Based on first-mover advantage in acoustics, Goertek can provide a variety of high-quality headset solutions, utilizing TWS or NFMI with integrated heart rate monitoring. The neckband earbuds use the latest digital noise cancellation scheme and uplink noise reduction to provide the best sports activity experience. The neckline-style earbuds provide a perfect free-movement experience with a high-precision heart rate monitor solution with customizable design. In terms of technology, Goertek's proprietary uplink adaptive noise reduction algorithm can achieve multi-scene high-definition voice calls. Completed with a variety of chipset solutions with Type-C digital noise reduction platforms, Goertek can design products with comfortable ergonomics and provide the highest quality semi-in-ear product solutions with high-quality acoustic curve benchmarks.

Sports, Business and Children's Smart Watch and Wearable Band Solutions

One of the earliest manufacturers in the field of wearables, Goertek currently offers a one-stop service capability for wearable products from ID design, hardware development, software development, manufacturing testing and cloud application development. Goertek Manufacturing launched a 2016 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project to showcase automation equipment in a Smart Factory for wearable products. Goertek wearable product offerings include sports watches, business watches, children's watches, bracelets, and other intelligent platform solutions with Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 SoC, RTOS, 4G LTE for voice calls, professional GPS and IP68 water-proof capability. In health monitoring for sports/fitness tracking, Goertek wearables can track body movement, heart rate, blood oxygen VO2, blood lipids and other health-related parameters.   

Unmanned System Layout and Planning

As per capita disposable income increase has led to more adoption of the Internet of Things, human-computer interaction and other technology will go through rapid iterations of advancement with robots and other unmanned systems accelerating the development pace in the industry. Goertek maintains its core competence with market trends by active planning of unmanned system layout and development. In the field of robot development, Goertek has brought office assistant, home assistant, and technology enthusiast robotic product solutions. Products such as the Robot Bell office assistant, a compact robot capable of flexible movement can achieve simple operation through voice control to send and receive messages, schedule customization and reminders with micro-projection and interactive functions. In the UAV drone category, Goertek has also brought mainstream consumer UAV product solutions. 

From components to integrated one-stop services, Goertek has a wealth of high-quality electronic components, with vertical integration to build system and accessory products. In the CES exhibition area, Goertek has also brought its leading MEMS microphone, sensors, antennas, speakers, and receiver component products. Goertek is committed to providing the necessary components to build future systems for the Internet of Things.

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