World's First Simple-To-Install, Automated Blinds
Dozens of patents pending on "SmartFit" technology

LINDON, Utah, Jan. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- MySmartBlinds, the maker of the MySmartBlinds Automation Kit, has launched a new product, MySmartBlinds Shutter Blinds, equipped with SmartFit technology. They are custom-made horizontal blinds that install in seconds with the push of a lever.

The new product contains patent-pending hardware that combines friction, adhesion, and compression to fit the blinds securely and precisely in a window. The blinds are the first of their kind and will be of value to people interested in do-it-yourself products, since there is no need to hire installers. "This is a cutting edge window covering far superior to anything on the market, and our price point is going to allow the average homeowner to enjoy the smarthome experience," said Emily Brimhall, MySmartBlinds Founder and CEO.

The options for automated blinds are limited and few brands have tackled solutions for complicated installation. "With our SmartFit-equipped blinds, consumers will be able to take control of installing their own window coverings," Brimhall said. "We wanted to take intimidation out of installation and home automation, so that our products are accessible for everyone." MySmartBlinds Shutter Blinds can be ordered in both automated and non-automated versions from

MySmartBlinds is the owner of the popular blinds Automation Kit. The Kit allows owners to automate their existing blinds in minutes. With the blinds Automation Kit or the new automated Shutter Blinds, users are able to set schedules, open and close on demand, and enable several additional features with their smartphones. What sets MySmartBlinds apart from other motorized blinds is their ability to receive, store, and transmit data directly from the blinds.

Within the MySmartBlinds app, users can enable Energy Savings mode, a setting that controls temperature in the home, adjusting the blinds to open or close when the home reaches a specified temperature. MySmartBlinds is continuously developing smart, simplified options for better home lighting, privacy, and security.

The company's mission is to create innovative, cutting edge products and has drawn attention from the home automation audience. MySmartBlinds will debut their Shutter Blinds at CES in January 2017. The company's website at contains additional information.

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