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Tinder, Snapchat, Facebook and Kik Messenger Platforms Top the List of Smartphone Apps Used in Vegas During Consumer Electronics Show

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- CES began with a bang Wednesday, and will bring as many as 170,000 attendees to the Las Vegas Convention Center and to events in and around the Strip over the next week.  Early buzz suggests a lot of future tech initiatives - but when not looking at helicopter-style drones or virtual reality applications, what apps were people using for, and among, themselves?

Vector Media, the innovative out-of-home media company, looked at the aggregate usage over the free WiFi it is providing to attendees in a number of its Double Decker bus, Airport Shuttle and Black Car Network vehicles to see what kinds of applications were being used outside the Convention Center walls. 

The Vector Media/VM2 WiFi network was installed in a total of 50 vehicles and tallied more than 89,000 smartphone users within 100 feet of the vehicle that had WiFi enabled on their smartphones.  Nearly 1800 Vegas visitors logged on to the network, and where they went was... well, not checking in with their offices.

The Top 10 Applications Used on the Vector Media/VM2 WiFi Network*

  • Facebook Messenger (74.3%)
  • Tinder (61.2%)
  • Snapchat (51.8%)
  • Twitter (56.9%)
  • Kik (38.2%)
  • Skype (33.5%)
  • Tumblr (20.7%)
  • LinkedIn (22.7%)
  • Grindr (16.2%)
  • Slack (12.8%)

Attendees are also apparently shopping while on-site in Vegas.  Amazon was shopped by nearly half of those who logged in (49.3%) and BestBuy by 30.3%.  This reflects not just visits to these sites, but sessions that resulted in a visit to the checkout pages of each retailer. 

Vector Media's proprietary WiFi network is used by the out-of-home media company to calculate the number of passersby who see clients advertising on its wrapped vehicles, or who interact with a digital campaign in or around the vehicles.  The WiFi Network was developed by the firm's VM2 experiential division to measure extent of impressions garnered each year at branded events and through campaign experiences.

"Out-of-Home Media and Experiential Marketing are among the most difficult forms of marketing to measure.  The Vector Media/VM2 WiFi network now allows us to report real-time data to advertisers and clients, and to instantly track, tweak and optimize each event and campaign," said Ian Greenberg, Vice President, VM2, Vector Media's experiential arm. "We had fun applying our marketing technologies to the streets of Vegas, and it was interesting to learn that what happens in Vegas may well stay... on Tinder..."

"With Vector Media's WiFi custom-built technology, we can now fully understand the demographics of any event unobtrusively.  CES offers the perfect opportunity to showcase our capabilities," added Dan Dorato, CTO, Vector Media.

*NOTE:  Data captured in the period between Tuesday morning, January 5 and Thursday afternoon, January 7.  All users of the Vector Media/VM2 WiFi opted-in to allow their data to be used in aggregate.  No individual conversations, images or transactions were captured.


Founded in 1998, Vector Media (www.VectorMedia.com) is an innovative out-of-home media company, specializing in large-format transit advertising, traditional out-of-home media and interactive brand experiences.  The company's current inventory of over 15,000 out-of-home faces includes bulletins, wallscapes, telephone kiosks and over 6,000 transit advertising faces, including buses, shuttles and taxis.  Vector Media touts the only double-decker advertising network in North America, which includes tour vehicle inventory in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, DC, Houston, Miami, San Diego, San Antonio, Austin, Las Vegas, Vancouver and more.  Vector also houses a publishing arm that produces two New York City tourism magazines.  VM2, the Company's experiential division, integrates its out-of-home assets with dynamic brand experiences.

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