Univfy IVF Prediction Tests for Fertility Patients a Finalist in The Bump Best of Baby Tech Awards at CES 2016

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Dec. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Univfy Inc. is pleased to be selected as a finalist in The Bump Best of Baby Tech Awards, to be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in early January. This first-ever awards program highlights technological advances and innovation in pregnancy and parenting products. Univfy is a finalist in the Fertility & Pregnancy Category.

The Awards, celebrating the first annual Baby Tech Showcase at CES® 2016, Living in Digital Times, in partnership with The Bump, will recognize outstanding achievements in fertility, pregnancy, and baby technology. Univfy has been providing fertility patients with ground-breaking personalized predictions of IVF success through easy-to-use online tests since 2013. Univfy IVF Prediction Tests use patients' own reproductive data to accurately predict their probability of IVF success by scientifically validated algorithms first developed at Stanford University. Factors taken into account include age, body mass index, ovarian reserve test results, semen analysis, and clinical diagnoses. Univfy IVF Prediction Tests are scientifically validated to be 1,000 times more accurate than age-based estimates, commonly used today.

Univfy is now working with fertility centers to make IVF affordable to more patients using Univfy's predictive technology to qualify more patients for IVF refund programs. In a typical IVF refund program, an IVF center offers patients up to three IVF treatments and associated frozen embryo transfers and returns a partial or complete refund of the program fees if the patient does not have a baby from any of the IVF treatments. A course of up to three IVF treatments gives patients the best chance to have a baby. Though many patients want to participate in these programs to lower the financial risk of pursuing multiple IVF treatments, many may not qualify because the criteria of current refund programs are too stringent. Univfy's analytics enable IVF centers to expand eligibility of their IVF refund programs to more than half of their patients. 

"In the U.S., seven million couples, or one in eight, have trouble conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term," says Barbara Collura, CEO of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. "IVF is a highly effective treatment that gives many couples the best chance to become pregnant. However, in the U.S. access to IVF is a big problem.  IVF treatment is not a mandated health insurance benefit in most states, and many patients face large out-of-pocket costs in adhering to their medically needed course of treatment."

"Univfy is excited to apply our predictive technologies to make IVF more affordable," says Mylene Yao, Co-founder and CEO of Univfy. "Access to fertility care continues to be a major challenge faced by fertility patients in the U.S., as discussed at a summit meeting organized by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in September 2015. The Univfy approach can expand IVF access by at least five-fold, and we expect that will result in many more babies for happy families per year." 

Votes for Univfy are accepted from now until January 5, 2016 at: http://awards.babytechsummit.com/bestof2016/univfy-ivf-prediction-tests-includes-univfy-preivf-and-unvify-predictivf/ and on Twitter, @TheBump Best of Baby Tech Awards at #CES2016 and  #TheBumpBabyTech #BabyTechCES.

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About Univfy: Univfy Inc. is dedicated to helping fertility patients build their families. With accurate, personalized predictions of IVF treatment success, Univfy enables patients to get on the right fertility path sooner and expands access to IVF by making it more affordable.

Founded in 2009 by experts in reproductive medicine, embryo and uterine research, and biostatistics from Stanford University, Univfy provides the most sophisticated, scientifically-validated predictive analytics* available, based on data from over 150,000 IVF treatments and 500,000 embryos from diverse regions globally. Univfy has a strong track record of peer-reviewed, scientific publications showing that Univfy's IVF predictions are validated to be 1,000 times more accurate than age-based estimates. We aim to make IVF accessible to more patients and to increase the chance of IVF success for every patient.  *Patent pending.


SOURCE Univfy Inc.