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Whether personal or business use, at times we all need to R3M3MB3R what was said on a phone call. But listening through hours of recorded calls is a HUGE drag. That’s why we built R3M3MB3R-Keyword Search For Your Calls! All of your calls through R3M3MB3R are transcribed speech-to-text, so that in the future when you want to locate where someone said something, you don't have to listen through hours of recording to find the quote. Simply type in the keyword and we will bring you to the keyword instantly.

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R3M3MB3R android 9 pie call recording app
Jan 2, 2020

ATLANTA, GA, Jan. 2, 2020 – will be launching its keyword search platform for mobile calls at CES from January 7 - 11, Booth #52754 in Eureka Park. Ask anyone who has ever needed to...

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