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NewsWatch: On the heels of ‘Best in Show at CES 2019’ – PowerSphyr featured by NewsWatch

Please check out the attached… PowerSphyr featured on NewsWatch

What you will see: Neil Ganz, PowerSphyr's CEO, was recently invited by NewsWatch to outline the state of wireless charging. In this video, Neil describes what PowerSphyr is delivering today with its SkyCurrent™ suite of intelligent wireless charging solutions.

These SkyCurrent™ products include a wide range of intelligent ‘drop & go’ wireless charging solutions for the industrial, automotive and consumer markets. Each solution provides optimal spatial freedom and fast charging for a broad range of power requirements and form factors.

PowerSphyr’s ‘Secret Sauce’: In the video, Neil outlines PowerSphyr’s patented technology that embeds dynamic firmware to intelligently ‘handshake’ between each SkyCurrent™ transmission pad and up to 8 discrete SkyCurrent™ enable receiving devices.

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