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Meeting a Different Future at CES 2019 Geek Night, Held by GeekPark

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On January 8, 2019, Geek Night, which is also known as GeekPark IF @ CES was held at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Present at the event were Zhang Chen, CTO of Jingdong; Wang Puzhong, SVP of Meituan; Yu Kai, founder & CEO of Horizon Robotics; Zhang Jianzhong, global VP and GM of China of NVIDIA; Li Zhifei, founder & CEO of Mobvoi; Yan Feng, partner and CTO of WM Motor; Zhou Hang, investment partner of Shunwei Capital; and Huang Wang, founder, chairman & CEO of Huami. Although they are from different industries, their communication and sharing are thought provoking, showing the industrial insights of China's science and technology power and releasing the energy of China's innovative ideas on the world-class stage.

Zhang Peng, Founder & President of GeekPark

As Chinese internet service giants, Jingdong and Meituan expressed their ideas about how technology can re-shape the service industry. According to Zhang Chen from Jingdong, it is the power of technology and innovation that has resulted in the rapid development of Jingdong. Intelligent consumption, intelligent supply and intelligent logistics constitute the boundless retail of Jingdong, and technological innovations link the three of them. While in the opinion of Wang Puzhong from Meituan, the mobile internet, cloud computing and AI algorithm improvement has changed takeout service. Meituan's autonomous vehicles and other new technologies are not only a deep reflection on the "food + platform" strategy, but also a potential variable that may bring more value to other industries.

As to the field of autonomous driving and transportation, according to Yu Kai from Horizon Robotics, in an era when software is crucial, Horizon Robotics concentrates on hardware while still considering software as the core, so computing must be emphasized. However, Zhang Jianzhong from NVIDIA believes that today's computing capacity may not be able to achieve complete autonomous driving, while it is the most important thing to use AI to make the current life better. In the opinion of Yan Feng from WM Motor, positioning itself as the architect of new mobile smart spaces, WM Motor was created as a technology-based enterprise at the time of its establishment. Intelligence of automobile is the most important consideration of WM Motor.

In terms of the development and innovation of intelligent hardware, Li Zhifei from Mobvoi shared his opinion about key factors for development. He believes that the frontier demands need to be clearly distinguished from pseudo-demands and that only those innovations that comply with the laws of science and technology have value for the future. The shortest "board" of a team will determine the entire product experience. Zhou Hang and Huang Wang shared their methodologies of hardware entrepreneurship. Zhou Hang said that there were many rules and restrictions for the hardware manufacturing industry when he just started his own business, which made this industry rather depressed at that time. While according to Huang Wang, the role of Chinese enterprises has changed nowadays.

About GeekPark

Founded in 2010, GeekPark is one of China's largest internet and technology innovation communities. The organization was founded to introduce the concept of "Geek Culture" to China. GeekPark is devoted to discovering, inspiring, and enlightening innovators through insightful media production, frequent community events, professional business strategy consulting and systematic start-up services.

About Geek Night

Geek Night, which is also known as GeekPark IF@CES has interpreted the development of China's science and technology innovation from various perspectives of different technology enterprises, and also unleashed the power of Chinese science and technology on the world stage. Meanwhile, as an exchange platform for science and technology enterprises, GeekPark has attracted many CES exhibitors and media outlets focusing on technology to participate in the event. In addition, GeekPark announced the "Focus 30" list of great concern, listing the most important Promising Technology Enterprises of CES". For those engaged in tech industries, this list features accurate insights into the frontier trends.


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