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Globalegrow made its debut in CES 2019 Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Last week, Globalegrow brought 3 of its consumer electronic brands, iHaper, Suaoki, Floureon, to Las Vegas and showcased them at CES 2019. This was the first time that Globalegrow has appeared on the global stage to comprehensively boost the growth of its proprietary brands and global company image.

Globalegrow at CES 2019

Globalegrow's official appearance at CES 2019

At CES, Globalegrow's booth could be seen from afar with its white and simple frame. It was designed specifically to integrate the three brands, turning it into a smart home experience space. All exhibits were neatly displayed on branding desks and open for visitors to test, compare and make live reviews.

During the 4 days in LVCC, Globalegrow attracted a large number of visitors and attention from both new and old clients to communicate and exchange ideas. Jason Wong, one of the visitors, had heard of Globalegrow long ago, "Globalegrow is already well-known in the cross-border e-commerce circle in China. We would like to cooperate and communicate more through international platforms such as CES," he said.

In 2019, Globalegrow is planning to accelerate the growth of its proprietary brands by attending more international events to bring the best products and brands to the global stage. Meanwhile, for proprietary brands themselves, the international interaction will also boost their off-line business development and help them form a localized promotion strategy. Lilac Luo, the branding director of Globalegrow, made her comments after the event. "CES, is not only an international business platform, but also a branding platform. It is a great opportunity to tell a brand story and to experience it on the set as well."

Proprietary brands reaching global audience

iHaper, Suaoki and Floureon are the three major consumer electronics brands growing and developing inside Globalegrow and they have achieved great results online.

iHaper's product line

iHaper, one of the youngest representative brands, is committed to smart home products and the whole intelligent ecosystems in Apple Homekit. They exhibited lamps, bulbs, and lighting strips in a smart and transparent space where visitors could experience their products and control them with an iPad.

CES 2019 is a milestone for iHaper as they officially kick off their off-line sales and marketing worldwide. According to the founder of iHaper, the product catalog will be continuously expanding to include all household appliances in 2019.

Suaoki's official website

Suaoki focuses mainly in power supply and peripheral products. At CES, Suaoki exhibited two of its very popular power stations, G500 and S270. The S270 mini power supply is the most popular one for individual consumers and a good partner for outdoor travel with its wide variety of functions. Weighing about 3lbs and having a hidden handle design, the product is compact and easy to carry. The high-quality, multi-function, convenient and environmentally-friendly features brought considerable attention and popularity from consumers and potential overseas partners.

Floureon's representative monitoring camera

Floureon mostly produces safety and battery products. At CES, Floureon brought 8 of its representative products including vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots, walkie talkies, and monitor cameras. Their innovative business enables Floureon to offer premium quality at lower costs. So far, it has reached over 5000 SKUs, covering the catalog for safety products. In 2019, Floureon is starting to develop its off-line strategy in experience stores, agents and distribution through more international events.

Globalegrow is planning on bringing even more exciting innovations in consumer electronics to next year's CES.

About Globalegrow

Founded in 2007, Globalegrow is dedicated to maximizing global benefit in a new retail ecosystem of cross-border e-commerce. In 2014, Globalegrow was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange and launched a multi-billion dollar IPO after merging with Shanxi Baiyuan Trousers Co., Ltd (aka Global Top), and it marks the first cross-border e-commerce A-share stock in China.

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