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ThirdEye releases X2 AR Smart Glasses with VisionEye SLAM system and announces retail partnership with Macy's & B8TA

PRINCETON, N.J., Oct. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ThirdEye Gen, Inc. "ThirdEye"  is pleased to announce a partnership with Macy's & B8TA to retail its X1 & X2 Smart Glasses at stores nationwide as well as release strong sales/user metrics for ThirdEye's Augmented and Mixed Reality platforms.

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Currently, ThirdEye's X1 Smart Glasses and soon-to-be X2 Smart Glasses can be viewed at the Macy's store in Times Square NYC & at B8TA stores in San Francisco and Austin & the retail locations will be expanding soon.

"B8ta is excited to showcase ThirdEye's X1 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses at the Macy's New York City store, San Francisco & Austin retail stores with more stores nationwide soon.  AR is the next major technology platform and ThirdEye is a leader in the category with its X1 Smart Glasses and 100s of cool & useful AR/MR applications for businesses and consumers, and we are seeing strong interest," said Kayvon Banisalam, Director of Partnerships of B8TA.  The statistics so far are impressive with 850 demos, 50k impressions, 10k Discoveries and it is good to see the public gravitate toward AR content.

"We are excited to be the first AR smart glasses retailing nationwide," said Nick Cherukuri, Founder of ThirdEye.  "Our X1 Smart Glasses have received positive user feedback & our soon-to-be-released X2 Smart Glasses will have the form factor of almost a pair of sunglasses, a wider field of view, more AR/MR content, a built-in SLAM SDK development system & a lower price point for consumer use."

In addition, ThirdEye Gen, Inc. "ThirdEye" is pleased to announce strong metrics for its Augmented Reality Platforms. 

  • 500+ Software Developers creating apps on the ThirdEye app store 
  • ~100 apps submitted to the App Store
  • Over a thousand orders of the X1 & X2 Smart Glasses
  • 10+ B2B verticals usage including Fortune 500 companies in HealthCare, Manufacturing. 
  •  ~500 Users of the ThirdEye Remote Help app and ScanEye app.

ThirdEye is also pleased to announce the upcoming release of the X2 Smart Glasses.  In the form factor of nearly a pair of sunglasses, the X2 has a ~45 degree field of view, a VisionEye™ SDK fully integrated into the smart glasses for SLAM & Mixed Reality development, WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS, etc.  The goal of the X2 was to fit the most computational power for AR/MR into a small, user-friendly and affordable option.  In addition, ThirdEye has partnered with a major manufacturer which will enable the X2 to be shipped in mass scale- currently a significant hurdle for AR hardware.  ThirdEye has been taking purchase orders of the X2 for mass deployment & the official unveil will be at CES 2019.

----ThirdEye is a leader in Augmented/Mixed Reality Smart Glasses and Software Development.  Our X1 & X2 Smart Glasses and Enterprise Software Platforms are used by organizations around the world.---


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