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Rediscover the Sea! Meet FiFish, the First Ever Consumer Market Oriented Smart ROV by Taihuoniao D3IN Labs

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Taihuoniao Shenzhen D3IN Future Labs, a subsidiary of China's leading smart hardware incubating platform Taihuoniao, announced the launch of FiFish Atlantis, the world's very first Smart ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle) for the mass consumer market, at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Rediscover the Sea! Meet FiFish, the First Ever Consumer Market Oriented Smart ROV by Taihuoniao D3IN Labs

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The ROVs (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle) can be divided into two categories by which market it's designed for. FiFish Atlantis by Taihuoniao is designed for the consumer market, while some others are for industrial use. Designed and developed in Taihuoniao Shenzhen D3IN Future Labs during the past 10 months, it's equipped with innovative technologies independently developed by Taihuoniao, including the Underwater Propulsion System, the Underwater Video and Illumination System, the Underwater Remote Control & Communication System, and the Real-time Display System, in addition to a zero buoyancy-cable and various sensors for navigation, sonar and depth detection.

A major potential use of FiFish Atlantis is to take videos underwater and send back high-definition videos in real-time. When equipped with professional cameras, it can be used to gather images for Virtual Reality or Augment Reality applications. The FiFish serial products can also work as an underwater operation platform for industrial use when equipped with robotic arms or ocean environment detection system, etc.

"As the first consumer market oriented ROV in the world, FiFish Atlantis can steadily bear water pressure. Its maximum water depth for normal usage is up to -100 meters, and can navigate to any direction freely. Its waterproof capability is among the best we've ever seen. FiFish Atlantis is composed of multiple modules, enabling it to extend its functions almost infinitely when equipped with accessories that have the same level of water pressure resistance. What's more, its battery can last two hours at a full charge -- far more than average level of 30-40 minutes -- which is long enough for daily use," said Zhang Chong, head of Taihuoniao Shenzhen D3IN Future Labs.

Zhang Pingping, head of the FiFish Atlantis project, reveals that the machine uses the "HiGo" design language, which emphasizes interaction and emotional design. The ROV has a slim body full of details. As small as an A4-sized paper, it's very easy to carry. Whether you're swimming or surfing the water, FiFish Atlantis can work together with you like a living companion; when FiFish Atlantis goes underwater, it can be controlled either by underwater joysticks or via a remote control above the water. Thanks to its intuitive design, many users can operate it almost instantly without learning.

"With this ROV, we open the door of the wonderful underwater world," says Wu Wenlong, an experienced scuba diving fan. "When I go down under water, I can say goodbye to those heavy and messy recording machines, and I don't have to let my friends take a video of me with a GoPro. FiFish Atlantis can dive down together with me and record without my interference. In the near future, my buddies can even wear a VR helmet or a pair of VR glasses to experience what I saw under water."

"71% of the earth's surface is covered by water, but only less than 5% has been discovered by human beings. The underwater world is mysterious compared with the land and even the sky," Lei Haibo, founder of Taihuoniao said. "Taihuoniao will develop more ROV products following the launch of FiFish Atlantis. It's time for ordinary people to rediscover the sea."

March to the sea: The next miracle after drones will be created by ROVs

The Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles (ROVs) are developed to replace human for underwater work. Human can only reach to a limited depth below the water surface, usually around -300 meters.

The ROVs are becoming more and more important on human's journey under the sea. As the ocean research deepens, analysts predict that ROVs will become a market the size of hundreds of billions RMB.

Let us rethink the history made by drones. Drones are under spotlight at this year's CES. The global market cap of drones in 2014 has reached $64 billion and will be $115 billion (Est.) by 2023.

The skies are more and more noisy, while the water below us remains quiet. The underwater cameras and their related products are lack of innovation due to technical and designing obstacles. Professional underwater devices are priced at hundreds or thousands of dollars. It's just like the portable aircraft market before drones went popular.

One of China's well-respected ship and aircraft carrier experts who participated in the development of FiFish Atlantis expected it to start a new era when more and more people will be inspired to discover the underwater world, and push forward ocean activities for all mankind.

The FiFish Atlantis ROV is being displayed at Taihuoniao's booth in 71570 Sands Expo, during the 2016 CES in Las Vegas. The company plans to start a crowd-funding campaign in Summer 2016. Meanwhile, the latest development of FiFish Atlantis can be found on Taihuoniao's website

About Taihuoniao Shenzhen D3IN Future Labs

Taihuoniao Shenzhen D3IN Future Labs have state-of-the-art testing equipment and a world-class design and research team. Some of its team members are experienced professionals who used to work for Microsoft, Foxconn, Huawei and other large companies. The design works by the lab members have won a lot of awards like the Red Dot Award, the iF Design Award and the CES INNOVATION Award.

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