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Jabra Presents The Future Of Intelligent Audio
Showcasing intelligent audio solutions for sports and beyond with innovation in sound and sensors
- Intelligent audio at the heart of Jabra Sports audio range on display at CES - three responsive wireless headsets optimised for running, cross training or workouts to help you hear more, do more and be more
- Jabra innovation to deliver revolutionary sound experiences for the future of intelligent audio through use of the 'Intelligent Headset Developer Edition'
- Leading 3D sound driving innovation with Microsoft solution for visually impaired

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- CES-- Jabra today extends its vision for the future of audio, with solutions that will transform people's lives through the power of sound. At CES, Jabra presents the Jabra Sports audio range, a responsive range of intelligent wireless headsets to optimise any workout. The range features Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless, optimised for running and featuring the world's first in-ear biometric heart rate monitor combined with immersive Dolby® sound, Jabra Sport Coach Wireless, optimised for cross-training and incorporating a TrackFitTM motion sensor, and Jabra Sport Pace Wireless, designed to let you plan, monitor and evaluate your performance via the Jabra Sport Life App.

Intelligent audio at the heart of Jabra Sports audio range.

This specifically designed combination of high-quality music and intelligent in-ear coaching, made possible by advanced sensor readings, enables the award-winning Jabra Sports Range to offer a unique solution in the sports audio market and empower users all over the world to transform their lives.

As part of GN Store Nord (GN) group, Jabra is uniquely able to create hearable solutions that combine intelligence, sensors and great sound quality. GN uses world-leading expertise in the human ear, sound, wireless technologies, software and miniaturization to deliver medical grade audio solutions under the ReSound brand and professional and consumer grade solutions under the Jabra brand. This unique combination of medical, professional and consumer expertise in one business gives Jabra unprecedented advantages in hearables and intelligent audio.

Jabra is investing in the future of intelligent and interactive audio with its Intelligent Headset Developer Edition, the next generation of headsets. This revolutionary new sound experience adapts to location, head movement, and application. Integrated advanced sensors empower the '3D experience', using GPS, gyroscope, compass and accelerometers to provide head-tracking that instantly and intuitively enable the user's requirements depending on what they are looking at or doing.

The 3D audio experience is identical to the way humans hear sound, allowing the listener to hear where sounds are coming from. The headsets themselves are also set to drive innovation, as they are already available for mobile app developers to use the intelligence provided by sensor data to create some of the most interactive apps possible.

The headsets are available for developers at present, and are fully certified with free downloadable software development kits. The potential benefits are already being recognised. Microsoft and UK Guide Dogs have selected the Jabra Intelligent Headset for a life-changing application. The new research collaboration will enable people living with sight loss to achieve more independence in their day-to-day lives.

"Intelligent audio is an important underlying technology for the Cities Unlocked project and we're interested in Jabra's capabilities in this area.  We look forward to exploring this further in future phases of the project." - Jarnail Chudge, Microsoft.

Using intelligence from sensors places applications at the heart of future audio innovation. Jabra has already successfully capitalised on the intelligence delivered by sensors in audio devices. Apps are crucial to how this intelligence is used to ensure the mobile and audio experience continues to adapt to changing lifestyles. For example, the Jabra Sport Life app used with the Jabra Sport range, and the Intelligent Headset Developer Edition that is set to be at the heart of mobile app development.  

Rene Svendsen-Tune, CEO at Jabra comments: "The future of audio is about adding intelligence. It's about applying innovation to more aspects of sound than were thought possible before. In the future, sound innovation will be about how you listen, where you listen and why. Sound technology will be at the heart of people's lives, in more interactive and intuitive ways, and new layers of intelligence will enable that to happen!"

Jabra's vision of incorporating sensors, intelligence, innovation and apps at the heart of the user experience means it will continue to deliver intelligent audio solutions for consumers today and tomorrow.

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Visit Jabra at ShowStoppers at CES to see the Sports Range and the Intelligent Headset on display and hear the full story.

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Intelligent Headset Developer Edition, the next generation of headsets.



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