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Internet of Everything Corp Unveils Breakthrough Technology to Revolutionize the Internet of Things Centralized Status Quo at CES 2022
Internet of Everything Corp's (IoE Corp) approach to IoT devices deployment strides away from the Cloud and empowers the source with device clustering and knowledge-based AI.

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 22, 2021 -- After its successful $4M seed round, Internet of Everything Corp is opening its A-round this coming new year. It's doing so by continuing its new approach to IoT, which relieves the process from centralized (Cloud) solutions and setting it in the source with the EDEN System. IoE Corp will be demonstrating its groundbreaking technology at CES 2022, at Eureka Park, booth #60940.

"The beauty of EDEN is that now, instead of just having programs running on servers, we now have intelligent clusters out there, where a single service runs on gossamer threads over many sources and creates a new sort of service at the edge and in the fog." Says IoE Corp's Lead Product Architect and Chairman, Mattias Bergstrom. Basically, Eden is a private online Edge Cluster developed around a sustainable computing core.

Sustainability is a topic that the human race has been trying to tackle since we became aware of the environmental impact we are causing to our planet on a daily basis. IoT devices have been a relevant step forward as we are now able to source data from objects, experiences, and living creatures. However, this is not enough to make the human race implement the habit of consuming sustainably. Internet of Everything Corp aims to bring its platform to every large-scaled data ecosystem worldwide that will collectively help us consume and operate sustainably.

"The product is amazing in the sense that we are outpacing even the big dragons and can provide Internet of Everything services with unmatched security, performance, and cost." Indicates co-founder and CEO, Chris Bijou.

At present, centralized computing solutions, i.e., Cloud Service Providers, are facing issues concerning data generated by IoT devices/sensors onsite traveling to centralized units to be stored, analyzed, processed, and delivered back. Resulting in data not happening in real-time, the risks of data breaches by cybercriminals, as well as IoT devices not being autonomous. And the effect on sustainability and CO2 emissions, bandwidth, scalability, and data privacy

A situation that isn't ideal when considering cities data generation and the consequences data breaches can have and its necessity to obtain real-time data to information for first responders, e.g., paramedics and law enforcement. As well as the labor costs of devices and sensors maintenance because they are not autonomous, and the growing challenge to reach UN's SDGs. As forecasts indicate that Information and Communications Technology can surpass aviation and shipping by 2025 reaching 3.5% of global emissions.  

IoE Corp solves these core challenges through the Eden system. As IoE Corp's CEO, Chris Bijou states, "The business model is tested and verified as we are going for a standard SaaS model. The funding has traction, we have many believers, not only that we are the right team to get this done, but also that the Internet of Everything will deliver on the sustainability goals that it  promises." 

IoE EDEN brings to the IoT devices deployment an IoT Cloud Alternative that ignites benefits through an informed infrastructure. A system that actuates sustainably, securely, and privately on all industry verticals, through sustainable computing, and ready-to-use implementations that result in quick IoT monetization. Offering, for example, city traffic management, autonomous predictive analytics maintenance that can predict potholestraffic congestion, or send real-time data to information to first responders.

In conclusion, IoE Corp's Eden System liberates the Internet of Things from the Cloud by moving it to onsite Online Private Gardens. To store, analyze, process, and send data to information on a real-time basis 24/7, eliminating the risks beyond cyber that centralized solutions open when raw data is moved to server centers and then back to the source. Giving companies a cost and ecologically sustainable, secure, and private platform to thrive within Industry 4.0. EDEN is It!

For more information, come and visit us at Eureka Park, booth 60940, or book a meeting at CES 2022 or online

About Internet of Everything Corp

Internet of Everything Corp. develops and manages an Internet-based decentralized End-to-End service platform, consisting of an infrastructure layer, a service layer, and a service management system. IoECorp was born through the merger of Quisnet Inc. a Salt Lake City-based entity focused on bringing new technologies to market and Quantum1Net, a Silicon Valley and European startup, dedicated to developing the service infrastructure of the Internet of Everything.

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