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Daniela Kooijman
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Germany-based Variowell develops and markets smart technologies for the mattress industry. Tobias Kirchhoff, Founder & CEO of Variowell Development, is member and Co-chair of various sleeptech related groups in the USA and Asia. Variowell is building the bridge between the tech world and the classic comfort industry. Pepaminto is a revolutionary topper which senses the temperature changes in your body. Powered by Apple watch allowing easy set-up and making changes according to your personal ideal thermal comfort with just a few quick tabs on your watch. Not only easy-to-use, affordable as well.

News Releases
Jan 4, 2023

A new kind of topper providing thermal comfort during sleep - powered by Apple Watch. This sleeptech device is a topper providing superior thermal comfort in different zones. The topper is...

Jan 3, 2023

Freezing, shivering, sweating - everyone's nighttime perception of warmth is different. The German Start-up Variowell Development asked 3.300 consumers in 5 countries globally. Over 50% answered...

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