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The Hottest Swiss Startups Return to the Swisstech Pavilion at CES 2021
Sensors for smart cities, water and vehicles, a predictive smartphone keyboard, 4D digital twins, AR light field goggles and the world's smallest eyeglass finder at this year's Consumer Electronics Show

ZURICH, Jan. 10, 2021 -- Swiss innovation lands in virtual Las Vegas Monday, January 11 through Thursday, January 14 with 23 tech startups showcased in the Swisstech pavilion. Selected from a vast field of Switzerland's entrepreneur and startup ecosystem, Switzerland Global Enterprise along with their partners Presence SwitzerlandInnosuisseswissnexdigitalswitzerland, and Swiss Business Hub USA, bring the leading edge innovation that Switzerland is consistently recognized for the third year in a row to CES. These companies and their founders bring the best of Switzerland to the world's stage through dynamic product and technology demonstrations and presentations.

The Swisstech Pavilion's 23 Swiss startups feature a self-disinfecting door handle, IoT sensor technologies, platform-based vehicle tech, cool apps that enable predictive typing in 40 languages, find your glasses or create AR assets, the hottest AR/VR/XR-based ecommerce platforms, AI-based personalization, "SaaS for brands" technology, AR light field projector googles, a drone that sees in the dark, a personal AI tutor, an encrypted private communicator, an AI-driven profiling tool, a "green" edge computing device for smart cities, and a Pokeman Go-like game that earns real treasure for players.

  1. Foxsmart's "Findy," the world's smallest, lightest Bluetooth eyeglass finder
  2. Global M, a crowdsourced streaming service for news, sports, citizen journalism
  3. Cleanmotion, a self-disinfecting door handle developed pre-COVID
  4. Typewise, a smartphone keyboard designed for 2-thumb typing in 40 languages
  5. Securaxis SONAL™, turning sound into information for smart cities with privacy
  6. Droople, IoT water intelligence to manage water-based assets for smart cities
  7. Myelixa Water Band, hydration sensor for seniors and family members
  8. Pixchange, the AR Asset 3D Model Marketplace for GIFS, filters and stickers 
  9. Swiss Vault, green data storage for edge computing in smart cities
  10. ARMA Instruments, private personal communicator using end-to-end encryption
  11. Klepsydra, SDK for developers, sensor fusion for automotive, less CPU, ROS
  12. AVAtronics, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Solution, patented (RNC) tech
  13. Eyeware, 3D eye-tracking (DMS), automotive grade 3D (ToF) sensors 
  14. Tinamu Labs, drone-based analytics platform for expansive indoor inspections
  15. Treasure Hunters, a sponsor-based Pokémon Go-model game app
  16. MAGMA's ARI9000, personal AI tutor using machine learning, gamification
  17. CREAL AR light field projector headset for consumer application development
  18. SO REAL 4D Digital Twins, the future of shopping, models ready for AR filters 
  19. Traverz, conversational recommendation technology for product search
  20. Experify, "SaaS for Brands" test direct-to-consumer brands with real people
  21. CM Profiling Cryfe™ AI-powered deep data analysis for authentic behavior 
  22. Swiss Cap Charger, proof of concept technology that enables one-minute charging
  23. Biospectal, optical sensing software in mobile and IoT devices to enable blood pressure measurement and data analysis

The Swisstech companies are available for media and partner interviews throughout the week. Videos: AI, IoT, sensors and gamingAR/VR high-tech retailcloud computing, streaming, data, monitoring and cybersecuritydigital health, mobile hardware, power and audio. 

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Kimberly Hathaway, Hathaway PR


Partner Inquiries:

Karine Wittmer, Swiss Business Hub USA