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PiQuant develops spectroscopy technology that improves SNR by 48,000 times

PiQuant developed a spectroscopic technique that solved the noise problem. Spectroscopy is a customized component analysis solution using light that can measure any substance down to the molecular level regardless of solid, liquid, or gaseous form. However, there is too much noise during the measurement process, and it is too big and expensive. Accordingly, PiQuant developed a unique noise canceling technology that distinguishes and removes noise signals, and improved the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to 48,000 times.

The company staff said, "Using our technology, we can make a small and inexpensive spectrometer while maintaining high sensitivity. It has measurement reliability very similar to that of the lab's expensive spectrometer." He then said, "We have applied for 17 patents for spectroscopic technology and registered six patents. We are working with global partners in various industries. Our spectroscope can be applied in a variety of fields such as smart homes, smart cities, smart factories, smart farms, and healthcare."

Continuing from last year, Seoul Metropolitan City has formed Seoul Pavilion for CES 2021, and it will promote 15 outstanding companies selected in the three fields of △ transportation and environment, △ safety and welfare, and △ economy and living to the world. These companies that have been selected through the evaluation of their abilities to enter the overseas market by private investors will be provided with the expenses to participate in the CES online exhibition, and also with the opportunity to participate in the first Live CES Seoul event held by the global investor Plug-and-Play. Visitors can check the 15 participating companies and programs at the CES 2021 Seoul Pavilion at