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MediWhale advances to the global market with AI integrated solution for eye disease

MediWhale was founded on December 29, 2016. Its AI diagnostic device DrNoon jointly developed with Yonsei University Severance Hospital can diagnose and predict various eye diseases and cardiovascular diseases in less than three minutes through eye imaging.

The company staff said, "Our solution has the accuracy of 95% for eye diseases and 84% for cardiovascular diseases, which is the world's top level. With this, we are being recognized for the technological capabilities that can be helpful for the medical industry in Korea and the world. Starting from attracting investment from B&VIIT Gangnam Bright World Eye Clinic, we paved the road to start R&D and commercialization by establishing a branch office in Singapore and signing agreements with major hospitals in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2019, we accelerated R&D through seed investment and TIPS project selection, and signed an agreement with Singapore General Hospital and a private examination center in Korea. In early 2020, we signed an agreement with major ophthalmic device developers, and began the certification process in Korea and Singapore. Currently, we have been certified by MFDS."

He also said, "We have completed clinical trials in Severance and Asan Hospitals in Korea based on our own big data, and clinically verified with Singapore, India, Indonesia, and other major Southeast Asian hospitals overseas," showing pride about the company's product. Recently, our technology-related research papers have been selected for publication in Lancet Digital Health, the online publication of one of the world's top medical journal Lancet. We are making good reference."

ediWhale's DrNoon is an all-in-one AI software medical diagnostic device that integrates an ophthalmic camera, AI, and medical electronic charts. It is a medical AI system that can examine and analyze fundus images through an integrated database that includes clinically classified ophthalmic diseases (cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, etc.) and systemic diseases (cardiovascular disease, kidney function, diabetes, sarcopenia, anemia, etc.). According to the company staff, users can diagnose eye diseases and predict systemic diseases with the simple, fast and easy-to-access accurate eye disease examination system and the photo of fundus.

Regarding the purpose of participating in CES 2021, he said, "We want to meet strategic partners and focus on investment and product sales to promote the company's growth."

Continuing from last year, Seoul Metropolitan City has formed Seoul Pavilion for CES 2021, and it will promote 15 outstanding companies selected in the three fields of △ transportation and environment, △ safety and welfare, and △ economy and living to the world. These companies that have been selected through the evaluation of their abilities to enter the overseas market by private investors will be provided with the expenses to participate in the CES online exhibition, and also with the opportunity to participate in the first Live CES Seoul event held by the global investor Plug-and-Play. Visitors can check the 15 participating companies and programs at the CES 2021 Seoul Pavilion at