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Bronine unveils free voltage charging technology Volkit... "Looking forward to meeting official partner at CES 2021"

Bronine is innovating the charging industry by developing Volkit. It is Bronine's free-voltage charging technology that can integrate many different types of chargers/adapters into one charger. It was launched in Kickstarter in mid-November, and received the grand prize at the K-Global Project hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

The company staff said, "Over four billion electronic wastes are generated every year, and 80% of them are incinerated or buried in the sea/land, leading to serious environmental problems. We thought an unnecessary waste of resources and environmental pollution can be prevented if we can charge all electronics with just one charger, so we started working on technology development."

Bronine's Volkit is a technology that can charge all electronics regardless of voltage with a single charger. Volkit technology can convert 110-220V AC type power into DC type, which is a low voltage and current type, and can raise it to a high voltage of 15V by receiving a low voltage of 5V as an input.

As such, the Volkit technology provides convenience for consumers, the advantage of reducing costs by eliminating the need to manufacture chargers for each type of electronics, and contributing to conservation of environment by reducing the indiscriminate waste of chargers/adapters.

The company staff said, "We want to have a B2B collaboration with our technology that can charge all electronics with Volkit PCB terminals. Exhibiting at CES 2021 is meaningful for us in the sense that we will be able to show our technology to the world. We look forward to meeting our official partners at the exhibition that brings together all the electronic specialists from all over the world." He then said, "Apart from the B2B business, we are planning to launch the adapter type with a built-in Volkit technology and a portable auxiliary battery type in global on/offline distribution channels in 2021."

Continuing from last year, Seoul Metropolitan City has formed Seoul Pavilion for CES 2021, and it will promote 15 outstanding companies selected in the three fields of △ transportation and environment, △ safety and welfare, and △ economy and living to the world. These companies that have been selected through the evaluation of their abilities to enter the overseas market by private investors will be provided with the expenses to participate in the CES online exhibition, and also with the opportunity to participate in the first Live CES Seoul event held by the global investor Plug-and-Play. Visitors can check the 15 participating companies and programs at the CES 2021 Seoul Pavilion at