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Manufacturers discover new way to create 3D models to boost sales online with Scan Shop at virtual CES2021
Companies sell more products online utilizing 3D models and augmented reality

Wichita, KS: Scan Shop reveals the importance of using 3D and AR to sell more products online, at CES2021. Utilizing Scanblue technology, Scan Shop solves the challenge of product digitization at scale for manufacturers while still offering competitive pricing. Scanning technology removes most of the human element from 3D model creation to provide the best representation of your products to your customer. This results in a more consistent quality, and the ability to digitally transform large product catalogs.

“When customers use the augmented reality feature to view products in their home it creates a unique experience. This technology bridges the gap between shopping online and shopping at the store and in today’s environment, that is more important than ever. Scan Shop is here to help manufacturers and retailers do that” says Trevor Crotts, Scan Shop CEO

Why do companies need 3D “twins” of their products?

  • Allows customers more access to products
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Reduces returns

What is special about Scan Shop 3D models?

  • They look real! 3D Photorealistic quality
  • Fast turnaround, competitive pricing
  • The solution to scale large product catalogs

3D model creation is available now, Scan Shop will scan your item and provide a digital twin or you can lease your own state of the art scan system.

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About Scan Shop: Scan Shop is a 3D model maker that specializes in ecommerce. Using patented scan technology from Scanblue, the US based Scan Shop provides the highest quality product catalog digitization services to manufacturers and ecommerce owners. 

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