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RADIX DLT Radix ( is the first layer-one protocol specifically built to serve Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Radix is the only decentralized network where developers will be able to build quickly without the constant threat of exploits and hacks, where every improvement will get rewarded, and where scale will never be a bottleneck.

AT CES 2022 RDX WORKS celebrates the launch of their purpose-built decentralized finance (DeFi) programming language SCRYPTO.

About Alexandria: Alexandria is the newest iteration of the RADIX network. It enables developers to experiment with creating, compiling, and interacting with SCRYPTO-based blueprints and components in a simulator environment running on their local machine.

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News Releases
Jan 10, 2022

RDX WORKS, which is striving to give developers everything they need to decentralize the $360 trillion global financial system, presented Radix the Layer-1 DeFi network at this year's CES in Las...

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