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COWCARBON - Livestock Carbon Monitoring & Carbon Credit Sharing Platform

Trading Cattle Carbon Credit Starts at CES 2023 and the company prepares to trade cowcarbon credits on the voluntary credits exchange market.

Melliens has developed the world first cowcarbon platform. This platform service quantifies and verifies the reduced carbon emissions amounts, thus generating carbon credits in real time. Anyone can purchase carbon credits; profits are shared with beef suppliers.

This is a data-driven technology that monitors and measures the carbon footprint from each cow using biometric information.

Tokenizing Carbon Credits creates a tradable commodity, and a transparent market accessible to anyone. The first tokenized CowCarbon is launching soon.

Our Service

  • We quantify individual beef carbon footprints.
  • We verify low-carbon beef products by each cattle.
  • We generate carbon credits for trading on the voluntary carbon exchange markets.

At CES 2023, Melliens will show case their future vision and breakthrough products.

We look forward to welcoming you at CES 2023.

News Releases
Jan 4, 2023

SEATTLE, WA, Jan. 04,2023 /PRNewswire/ There is a Company coping with the global climate crisis and declaring a bold vision and technology of carbon neutrality in the livestock sector. Melliens Inc’

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