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Syndiant and Pacific Future Reveal AMglass Augmented Reality HMD Platform
World’s First AR glasses Commercialized in Tourism Industry and Others

DALLAS, TX, January 11, 2019 /Syndiant Inc./Shenzhen, China/Pacific Future Technology

Pacific Future Technology, a specialist in AI and AR hardware and software, revealed at CES 2019 their AMglass augmented reality glasses based on Syndiant’s SYL2271 high definition microdisplay and free-form binocular optical engine.

Pacific Future AMglass provides a comprehensive hardware and software platform for augmented reality developers.  Acclaimed by CES attendees for style and comfort, the system integrates spatial tracking and advanced camera image processing for a highly-responsive AR experience.  AMglass is currently used at amusement parks and popular cultural heritage tourist sites including Malacca, Malaysia.  “At this point we are just scratching the surface,” said Kien Lee, Pacific Future CEO. The company has achieved remarkable breakthrough in several industries with its AR and AI technologies; AMglass is powered by Syndiant’s microdisplay technology to realize excellent user experiences such as outstanding 3D image quality. The two companies have planned to continuously drive for superior user experiences in the upcoming next generation of AMglass based on Syndiant’s 1080p FHD solution.

“Syndiant is pleased to feature Pacific Future AMglass at CES.  Responses from attendees have been extremely positive, and we look forward to achieving further success with our strong partnership.” said Daniel Wong, CEO.  Syndiant and Pacific Future are demonstrating AMglass from January 8 – 11, LVCC South Hall 1 – booth 22045.

About Syndiant, Inc.
About Syndiant, Inc. Syndiant develops high definition light modulating panels and optical engines for near-eye and embedded projection displays. Syndiant’s patented all-digital LCOS technology brings high definition performance to the world's smallest personal display devices. The company has offices in Dallas, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

Timothy Rost, General Manager and Vice President of R&D
Syndiant, Inc.
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About Pacific Future
Pacific Future specializes in AI and AR Algorithms, providing developers with hardware and software technologies for research and system development.  For further information about Pacific Future Technology, including its new AR, AI and 3DAI applications, visit  The company is located in Shenzhen, China.  Questions can be directed to