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RT-RK announces LAVA: a tool for generating Android APIs for accessing ADAS functions

Novi Sad, Serbia - January 4, 2023 -- RT-RK, a leading embedded software development house, announces the launch of its latest product - LAVA, a revolutionary software tool for enabling access to ADAS functions from Android Automotive.

Android Automotive is currently the fastest growing IVI platform aiming to dominate the automotive industry in the long term. However, it will not reach its full potential until car-centric applications have been enabled on a larger scale, requiring deeper integration of ADAS and IVI. RT-RK utilizes its excellence in both domains to develop a tool that enables Service-Oriented communication between ADAS and Android utilizing SOME/IP or DDS control protocols and generates all necessary Android APIs and services to access ADAS functions from Android apps. LAVA drastically simplifies the development of complex use cases such as: getting different car settings via voice commands, video calls with DMS camera, rendering autopilot computer vision on Head Unit, driver coaching, recording with external cameras and many more.

“We are excited to announce our ground-breaking work in ADAS and Android integration. By enabling millions of Android developers to easily access ADAS functions, we believe that LAVA will be the key to faster development cycles of advanced automotive features,” said Nikola Teslic, RT-RK CEO.

RT-RK will present its LAVA product at CES in Las Vegas. Should you wish to learn more about LAVA, contact and visit us at the Venetian Hotel.

About RT-RK

RT-RK is a premium embedded software development house in the Southeast Europe, with a focus on consumer electronics and infotainment systems. The company was founded in 1991, and currently employs 500+ engineers. RT-RK has a background in being a near shore development center of silicon vendor, networking, automotive, and consumer electronics companies. RT-RK operates under the umbrella of TTTech Group.