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PowerSphyr Launches SkyCurrent III at CES 2019
Experience the only ‘Dual Mode’, ‘Drop & Go’ wireless charging solution for consumers

DANVILLE, CA, December 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PowerSphyr, Inc. announced their SkyCurrent III consumer product that delivers the ultimate wireless charging solution.

“Get ready to toss your phone charger. SkyCurrent III will provide you with true ‘drop & go’ wireless charging,” said Neil Ganz, President, and CEO. “This is the first wireless solution designed for consumers that delivers on price and performance to fulfill a ‘Connected World, Unplugged’™.”

To learn more about SkyCurrent III, schedule an interview here.

The SkyCurrent III is the only dual-mode wireless charging solution that embeds Airfuel Alliance magnetic resonance for ‘fast charging’ and Qi technology for devices such as the Apple X and Samsung 9.  PowerSphyr’s charging pad can simultaneously charge 8 devices at up to 60% faster then traditional wireless charging. The SkyCurrent III charging pad delivers the ultimate ‘drop & go’ flexibility so you can place your phone anywhere on the pad and be assured you are charged anytime and every time. 

“Kevin Harrington Enterprises is partnering with PowerSphyr to deliver the SkyCurrent III solution through our eRetailing, social media and direct-to-consumer TV distribution platforms,” said Kevin Harrington, Original “Shark” from Shark Tank. “We selected the SkyCurrent III solution because it’s elegant and easy to use.  It serves perfectly to meet the demand of consumers to have a wireless solution that is truly ‘drop & go’ wireless charging anytime, and every time.”

Please stop by booth #2107 Westgate and charge your wirelessly smart device on PowerSphyr!

About PowerSphyr
Providing wireless power solutions to build a Connected World, Unplugged™. PowerSphyr delivers end-to-end innovative wireless power charging solutions for the automotive, consumer and industrial markets. PowerSphyr supports the three key industry standards for wireless power charging: Magnetic Induction; Magnetic Resonance; and RF Energy Harvesting.  For more information visit  Follow us on Facebook at  or Twitter at and find us on LinkedIn at 

About KH Enterprises

Kevin currently operates a private consulting firm where he works with companies to increase distribution; analyze electronic retailing opportunities; effectively market on digital, social media, TV, radio, or print; source manufacturing; celebrity relationships; open his Rolodex; and has been able to more than 10 X the stock price of several public companies.

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