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MobileHelp Unveils Future of Medical Alert Systems with Its Newest 4G LTE Cellular Base Station Design
Touch Screen Format and Cellular Connectivity Allows for Video Chats – Without the Need for an In-Home Phone Line or Network Connection

LAS VEGAS – January 5, 2016 – To allow its customers to proactively manage their health and safety, MobileHelp®, a leader in mobile Personal Emergency Response System (M-PERS) solutions, today unveiled its newest in-home base station designs at its press conference at CES 2016.

Using the touch screen tablet format, customers will be able to fully manage their medical alert system, as well as other applications and features currently available through the company’s MobileHelp Connect web portal – all from the touch screen base station unit. 

In addition, the new tablet design will allow customers to have access to video interaction with healthcare providers or loved ones, and receive educational content or cognitive games.  It will also allow for online connection with the user’s pharmacy for prescription refills and order-ready reminders. 

“As we move into the very near future, healthcare and its delivery will become radically more accessible through technology tools such as this,” said Robert Flippo, MobileHelp CEO. “MobileHelp will continue to extend its product platform to allow people to manage aspects of their health.”

Previously available through an online connection on a computer or smart device, the new touch screen base station will allow customers to have one-touch access to MobileHelp Connect, where the user can access the following current product solutions from the company all delivered over an advanced 4G LTE cellular network connection:

  • MobileVitals: Customers will be able to set vitals reminders and take their vital signs (such as weight, blood pressure, pulse, and blood oxygen levels) from select BLE peripherals, collected through the base station. Data will then be tabulated and presented to customers through MobileHelp Connect, accessible to customers by merely touching the icon on the screen of the base station. 
  • Medication Reminders Application: allows customers along with their authorized caregivers or family members to manage their medications within MobileHelp Connect.  It offers the ability to view important prescription information such as dosage days and times, add new prescription information, set and change medication schedules, and push out a medication reminder alert and vocal announcement through the base station.  
  • Activity Tracking: works in tandem with the MobileHelp Fall Button™ automatic fall detection pendant, which consistently tracks the movements of the wearer.  In addition to automatically detecting if the user has fallen and issuing an emergency notification, this new Activity Monitoring Application will track the customer’s activity levels on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis – and compare those rates over time.  Those activity levels are then available through MobileHelp Connect.

Utilizing an Android operating system, the eight-inch touchscreen tablet format will feature a wall-plug adapter, with significant battery backup power, to ensure the system is able to function continuously.

As with previous base station and mobile device designs, the new touch screen base station will work in conjunction with the company’s Fall Button, traditional pendant, Wall Button, and wrist buttons, and its newest BLE help button.  It will also feature one-touch soft key access to emergency help from the main base station screen. 

The new base station is scheduled for release in Q4 2016.

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About MobileHelp
MobileHelp is a leading provider of M-PERS (Mobile-Personal Emergency Response Systems) and personal health management technology. The company develops and distributes market-leading products such as Cellular DUO, a fully integrated medical alert system with GSM/GPS technology, which provides an in-home cellular base station and a mobile device to protect customers away from home. MobileHelp’s M-PERS devices are integrated with nationwide wireless voice, data and GPS technology to provide real-time medical alert monitoring services and location tracking for expedited personal emergency assistance. In addition to emergency response services, MobileHelp offers proactive health management services such as Activity Tracking and Medication Reminders. MobileHelp, the first FDA registered mobile medical alert system provider, is a two-time recipient of Frost and Sullivan Leadership Awards, and was named to the 2014 Grow Florida Top Companies to Watch.  It was ranked 90th in the Deloitte 2015 Technology Fast 500, and was cited two years in a row (2014 and 2015) in the Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies in America. The company is located in the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University®. For sales or more information about MobileHelp, please call 1-800-989-9863 or go online to

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