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Las Vegas, NV CES – January 3, 2017 – Cleer, Inc., award-winning designer and manufacturer of high-performance personal audio products is pleased to introduce its new high-performance headphone.

The NEXT will be unveiled at CES 2017 in Las Vegas opening day in the Cleer, Inc. Venetian Palazzo Hospitality Suite. 

From the lush leather earcups and headband to the 40mm ironless magnesium driver units, the Cleer NEXT High‐Performance Stereo Headphone was created to deliver an outstanding personal music experience with all‐new 40mm ironless magnesium driver units. The ironless structure supports the voice coil in a perfectly focused magnetic field and delivers three musical benefits: low and constant inductance, suppressed distortion via reduced eddy currents, and the constant application of force through the diaphragm’s useful and extended range of movement. The magical result is efficient, linear wideband frequency response (from sub-harmonics lows to extended highs upwards of 40 kHz﴿ that make the headphone disappear leaving only pure musical emotion behind.

Cleer NEXT Features include:

  • Articulated design for improved comfort
  • 40mm, high-sensitivity ironless magnesium driver units for Hi-Res frequency response (up to 40kHz)
  • Circumaural design for superior, passive noise isolation
  • Upgraded earpad foam for better isolation and comfort
  • Soft leather earpad and headband
  • 3.5mm balanced audio cable with aluminium hardware and ¼” supplied adaptor
  • Carrying pouch

MSRP $699.99 U.S.  To learn more, please visit

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ABOUT CLEER - Established in 2012, Cleer is a U.S. based, award-winning manufacturer of high-performance headphones and electronics. It’s about those little aha moments, that smile of acknowledgement, or when the hairs on the back of your neck tingle with realization. Cleer personal entertainment products enable these authentic experiences without breaking the bank. Be in the Moment.

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