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Device Pitstop: Goodbye Virtual Reality - CES 2019 makes way for Augmented Reality

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- By now, nearly everyone has heard of Virtual Reality (VR) and it is certainly a featured technology at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It's clear, however, that VR is quickly being overshadowed by Augmented Reality (AR).

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Where VR is a computer-generated simulation of an environment, AR brings the user to the real world by superimposing computer-generated imagery onto what is being seen in real time.

The newest, most advanced smartphones offer the ability for users to experience AR anywhere, any time.

"Modern phones continue to get more powerful and AR capabilities are creating new functionality that we would have never dreamed of just a few years ago," said Brad Swenson, vice president of Device Pitstop technology resale stores.

Several companies announced new AR capabilities at the CES conference this week.

"Cognitive 3D markets a technology called SceneExplorer. You can choose and view different flooring through your live phone camera and it can also tell you the square footage of a flooring surface," said Swenson. "This technology has countless incredible uses for both general consumer and specialty industry users."

"Suning (China's largest omnichannel retailer) is even aiming to eliminate fitting rooms with an AR-powered virtual shopping experience that allows customers to 'try on' outfits they're interested in purchasing. We'll likely never look at the retail experience the same again," said Swenson.

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