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Hands-On With The UNIBOT: The First Multifunction Robot From ECOVACS Robotics At CES 2017

CANTON, Ohio, Dec. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ECOVACS Robotics, the premier developer and manufacturer of robotic home appliances, has once again cemented itself as a market leader in the ever-evolving world of Smart Home Technology with the UNIBOT – the first multifunctional home management robot, set for display at CES 2017. This groundbreaking device has the power to alter the way home management is performed while transforming consumer perceptions of what a smart home can entail. Through UNIBOT, ECOVACS will provide consumers with unprecedented control, allowing them to perform more household tasks in an even smarter way.

UNIBOT combines specialized ECOVACS technologies in the form of modules, in order to facilitate various multi-tasking functions. These modules perform floor cleaning, air purification and home security functions, amongst others. Its features include a suite of sensors (infra-red distance sensors, door sensors, window sensors, water sensors, air quality sensors, and others) that can manage home security by warning of break-ins and broken windows, a high-quality 3M air filtration system able to purify harmful pollutants and pathogens found in the air in targeted areas of the home, and a highly effective vacuum, capable of cleaning many different surface kinds, in any desired area. Consumers will be able to exercise complete control over every function that the UNIBOT offers, all from the unsurpassed convenience of the ECOVACS app.

ECOVACS has also selected three additional products for display at CES 2017, each presenting a snapshot of the innovative nature of the company; DEEBOTs R98 and M88 and WINBOT 950. The DR98 is a trailblazer in the DEEBOT series with proprietary SMART NAVI home navigation technology, capable of adapting to any home environment, and planning the quickest, most efficient cleaning path effectively. DM88 is equipped with SMART MOVE technology, whereby the cleaning pattern is systematic and highly efficient.

The W950 transforms the act of window cleaning with its SMART DRIVE movement system, allowing the driving wheels to operate independent of the square cleaning pad, in order to reach 90 degree corners with excellent coverage, without leaving streaks.

All of these products will be on display at the ECOVACS Robotics booth (#42352) at CES 2017, from January 5-8th in Las Vegas, NV.

*Wireless Internet connection required and sold separately.

ECOVACS Robotics USA, based in Canton, Ohio, is the North American subsidiary of ECOVACS Robotics, a leader in smart cleaning robots for the everyday consumer. Long before the Smart Home concept burst into the mainstream, ECOVACS has been at the forefront of innovation and development; designing, manufacturing and selling robotic products to improve the lives of our customers. ECOVACS is the only company that provides smart home solutions in four segments of home robotics including: DEEBOT™ (Floor Cleaning), WINBOT® (Window Cleaning), ATMOBOT™ (Air Purification), and FAMIBOT™ (Entertainment & Home Security). ECOVACS encourages consumers to "Live Smart. Enjoy Life" by providing not just a household appliance, but a total user experience whereby they can free themselves from mundane chores and devote more time to the things they enjoy.

ECOVACS is the proud recipient of multiple awards including the 2016 Red Dot Award for Best Product Design and iF Design Award 2016.


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