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Haier Vastly Improves Wine Preservation with the Introduction of Solid-State Cooling Technology

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Haier, a global leader in consumer electronics and appliances, will demonstrate a wine cellar using a new alternative cooling system at CES 2016 (Central Hall Booth #12814). Haier has developed the next step in wine cooling systems by using a solid-state chip, coupled with H20/C02 heat exchange technology.  When compared with current cooling compressors, this electronic chip weighs 25 times less and is 100 times smaller.

"To maintain its quality, wine requires precise storage conditions with optimal environment needs to preserve taste that can be affected by subtle vibrations or temperature changes," said Paul Riley, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Haier America. "This advanced compressor-less cooling technology commercialized by Haier creates the ideal storage conditions for your wine."

"As a technology company, Phononic is excited to partner with Haier to innovate disruptive solid-state cooling solutions," said Tony Atti, CEO, Phononic. "Haier has created an award-winning wine cellar that perfectly preserves wine and we believe this is just the beginning of a cold storage revolution for the home."

No Vibration
To maintain its quality, wine requires particular storage conditions as any vibrations can disorder its molecular structure. When in standard mode, with solid-state cooling, the WS40GDA uses advanced solid state cooling components and a heat exchange system with no moving parts, creating a completely still wine storage environment.

Precise Temperature Control
Consistent temperature and humidity are indispensable factors for the ideal storage of wine. Temperature affects taste and lifespan while humidity variations can cause the wine to oxidize or change odor. Haier's solid state wine cellar uses dual power control electronics realizing temperature fluctuations less than +0.5°F"and consistent humidity.

Low Noise
Contemporary cooling and refrigeration products use a compressor, with a typical noise level of 38 – 42 dB. The use of Haier's solid-state cooling approach removes the need for a compressor, meaning the appliance creates no noise when in standard mode and is nearly silent even when operating in excess of a 90°F ambient environment.

Haier's solid state wine chiller uses H2O/CO2 refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 1, as compared to >1700 for compressor-based systems. Furthermore the heat exchange capacity is 8X higher than ordinary systems reducing energy consumption to meet the California Energy Standard.

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