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ETwater Announces Unity at CES 2016. Welcome to the Smart Outdoors
Maker of ET Unity, the world's first technology platform for sustainability products, to raise awareness of water scarcity and advance the state of the smart outdoors at Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ETwater, a leading provider of sustainability technology, is bringing a new level of intelligence and insight to the consumer marketplace for digital home products. They are announcing a cloud based services platform, and a new consumer device for delivering intelligence to the outdoor landscape.

ET Unity to debut at CES

"We have spent years studying what technologies are needed to create a truly smart outdoor offering. With our experience in Mobile, Software, and Database Technologies, we are able to create a new class of product. One that delivers insights in to what is happening, and one that takes action in highly intelligent and automated ways," said Lee M. Williams, COO at ETwater. "We are starting with a focus on water use, and expanding. An open platform model enables integration with other products and services at a rapid pace."  

Today, more than 40 states, including Nevada, anticipate water shortages within the next ten years according to a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office. The World Economic Forum's 10th global risk report ranks "water crises" as the #1 global risk in terms of impact. Changing consumer outdoor water use behavior and habits is critical for sustainability and the national supply. The EPA estimates that outdoor water use accounts for as much as 60 percent of total freshwater consumption in the U.S., and up to 50 percent of that water is wasted by conventional irrigation methods.

ETwater has been meeting this challenge in the commercial and high-end residential markets for years, with a cloud-based system that dynamically and automatically controls landscape watering schedules based on weather forecast, plant types, soil, microclimate, and other environmental data. The groundbreaking ETwater Smartest Sprinkler Service includes a smart water controller device, 24/7 concierge service for landscape and programming needs, reliable wireless network connectivity (3G/4G LTE), and flow control, monitoring, and break detection.

At CES, ETwater is offering a first look at ET Unity, its new consumer device and open sustainability platform. ET Unity products will include consumer devices, accessories, mobile applications, and open and licensable services via APIs. Companies, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts will have access to the enabling Hardware, Software, and Services to help them unify and create solutions, and to integrate with other products, platforms, and services.

ETwater will host meetings during CES 2016 with partners who are interested in carrying the Unity device(s), integrating with other offerings, and incorporating the use of ET Unity services. Follow ETwater at CES 2016 on Twitter @ETwater and use #FlowerPower #SustainIt #SaveWater to join the conversation.

On January 6 and 7, 2016, their team will hand out 1,000 orchids with a question printed on the banded flower: "Do you know precisely how much water this orchid needs to thrive?" The company aims to raise awareness of water scarcity and the need for the consumer electronics industry to prioritize water in its green initiatives. On Twitter, @ETwater will document the campaign with #FlowerPower #SustainIt #SaveWater.

As #FlowerPower  suggests, ET Unity can show consumers exactly how much water any plant requires to grow and thrive. ET Unity combined with the Smartest Sprinkler Service will connect the smart outdoors and the smart home by reducing outdoor water consumption up to 50-70 percent, eliminating all water waste, preventing runoff and detecting leaks while still maintaining a healthy, vibrant lawn, garden or landscape. Look for future announcements about additional products, and integration with other services and platforms.

Download - ET Unity product sheet

About ETwater

ETwater is changing the world with a focus on technology products for sustainability. We are a group of talented individuals and organizations dedicated to helping solve the real world problems of water scarcity, and other environmental issues. Our solutions have a unique focus on the insights needed to provide just the right amount of resources to manage the healthiest of outdoor landscapes and environments. The cloud-based ETwater platform takes environmental data from multiple sources, analyzes it in real time, and provides intelligent information, highly visual plans, and dynamic schedules. In addition, with our solution you have real-time monitoring and management capability from any mobile or smart device. For more information, please visit

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